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Top 5 Business Podcasts | For Photographers

September 23, 2019

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I spend a ton of time in the car which means I listen to a LOT of podcasts! I love listening to podcasts so that I can learn while I’m doing something mundane (like driving, cooking, cleaning the house, etc.). I feel so productive and I really do learn a lot!

Today I’m sharing my top 5 business podcasts along with my favorite episodes of each! These are all helpful for photographers who are wanting to grow their business and many of them are relevant for any business owner. So even if you aren’t a photographer – be sure to check these out! All of these are available on the podcast app ­čÖé

1 – Nancy Ray – Work and Play

Nancy Ray’s podcast is a newer one, and I am so excited to hear more from her! She is such a genuine and sweet person and her podcast episodes are easily digestible (usually under 30 minutes). A lot of her episodes are focused on life in general (the play part of the podcast!) and not so much focused on business and some of those episodes are actually my favorites! My favorite episodes are listed below

Episode 23 – The Fear of Becoming a Mom with Katelyn James

Episode 17 – 3 Steps to a Successful Monthly Budget

Episode 3 – The Contentment Challenge

Episode 13 – My Morning Routine


2 – Amy Porterfield – Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield is pretty much the queen of all things marketing! I love learning from her because she gets to the point in her episodes. She’s also been podcasting for so long that there are so many episodes to go back and listen to! I just discovered her and have definitely been binging through her show. I feel like I am learning so much and discovering how to push my business forward. This is such an inspiring podcast to listen to if you are a business owner and you can get actionable steps to grow your business!

Episode 250 – How to create a 3-month content calendar

Episode 251 – How I’d grow my business if I were starting from scratch

Episode 278 – Case Study: How an accidental course creator generated over $200k with just one launch

3 – Jenna Kutcher – The Goal Digger Podcast

Jenna’s podcast is one I’ve been listening to from the very beginning! I had just started my business when she launched her podcast and listening to her episodes inspired me and helped me get off on the right track. She is a photographer herself but her episodes are more focused on helping business owner in general to be successful in business. She’s a social media and list-building expert and I’ve listened to some of her episodes ┬ámultiple times because her content is just that good!

Episode 241 – Our Best Instagram Tips EVER

Episode 249 – 5 ways to boost your bookings

Episode 259 – SEO basics to refresh your site right now

Episode 271 – Why your business needs a blog

Episode 197 – 5 quick ways to update your website

4 – Ben Hartley – Six Figure Photography Podcast

This podcast is very specific to photographers. Ben is a successful photographer himself and he goes over specifics related to running a photography business and how to be profitable and successful in that endeavor. This is all about marketing, working with clients, and all things business-side of photography. It’s for people who know how to take good photos, but may be a little lost on how to run a business! I’ve found his episodes so helpful and especially love his mini-series on how to build a 6 figure photography business.

Episodes 105-111 – Mini series how to build a 6-figure photography business

5 – John Lee Dumas – Entrepreneurs on Fire

John’s podcast is great for business owners of all types! It’s very entrepreneur focused and he has some incredible guests on the show. Some of his episodes go way over my head but I enjoy learning from people who are so smart and successful! If you ever want to feel super inspired to start your own business – have a listen to Entrepreneurs on Fire.

Aug 28 – How to build a 7-figure side hustle without quitting your full-time day job

Aug 19 – How to connect with anyone you want

June 10 – How to massively increase your organic traffic through SEO


These are just 5 of the podcasts I tune in to regularly. I love to mix it up with pop culture and news podcasts as well, but when I’m in the mood to learn, I head to one of these 5 teachers! Are you a fellow podcast binger? If so, head to the comments and let me know what your favorite podcasts are! Is it one on this list? Or is there a new one I should check out? I’d love to hear what you have to share!

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