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Computer Programs | For Photographers

September 9, 2019

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There are so many helpful computer programs that I use almost daily in my photography business! In this post, I’m sharing my 7 favorite computer programs that make running this business so much easier.


I use Honeybook every day!! Honeybook is my client management system that I use to track inquiries, keep up with my current clients, and send invoices and contracts. It keeps everything in one place so I never lose track of an important email or client document. I also use it to send questionaries before sessions and weddings to learn more about my clients! You can use this link to try Honeybook and take 50% off of a yearlong membership!


Showit is the online system I use to design my website! It’s a super easy drag and drop system that makes designing a beautiful website so easy. I used a free template within Showit for this website! It’s also really easy for me to update it which is good because I’m constantly updating my portfolio.

Photo Mechanic

When I first got Photo Mechanic I felt like I instantly got back so much of my time. Before, I culled my photos in lightroom which took forever!! I had to wait for photos to buffer and it took me so many long hours to cull my sessions and weddings. Now, with photo mechanic I am able to cull sessions so quickly! I’ve saved probably 100+ hours of my time since downloading it. It now only takes me about 20 minutes to cull a senior/engagement session and 1-2 hours to cull a wedding! Seriously, life changing!!


Lightroom is the editing software that I use when I edit all of my sessions! I love using lightroom because it’s easy to use and doesn’t take forever to learn when you’re first starting. Also, many of the editing courses that I took were lightroom based. I do use photoshop as well but really only when I need to get rid of something in the photo or do some retouching.


InDesign is a less popular Adobe app but I love it! I use InDesign when I create my pricing guides, senior guide, and bridal guide. I’ve also started using it to design Pinterest graphics. It’s definitely hard to learn, but it has so many amazing capabilities that it is definitely worth the investment to learn how to use.


Whenever I create blog posts of my recent sessions and weddings, I use BlogStomp to compress the images. It reduces the file size which helps with loading time on my website and it also joins 2 photos together with a white border. I love the look and I think it makes the blog look very consistent!


AlbumStomp is from the same company as BlogStomp and I use this to create my album designs for my brides! It’s also super easy to use and you can just adjust the style of the album page layouts and switch around the photos. It has different companies pre-set so that you can choose the company you plan to purchase from and it will make sure that everything is sized accurately!

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