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Wedding Day Gear | For Photographers

August 26, 2019

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Wedding season is in full swing for photographers! So I thought now would be a good time to share what equipment I bring with me on wedding days. Weddings are the most equipment-heavy shoot you can do as a photographer and it takes a long time to build up gear for them. For my first year I focused on senior and portrait sessions and second shooting at weddings so I could slowly build up my gear portfolio for my first solo wedding. Having the right gear makes a huge different on a wedding day and can keep things running smoothly!

wedding day camera gear for photographers

Camera Bodies

I have 2 full frame camera bodies – one for me and one for backup. Both are Nikon D750s! I started shooting with Nikon and love using their cameras and lenses so I haven’t explored other brands. I know many photographers are brand loyal to their specific company (Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc.). The cameras from these different companies shoot slightly differently but the skills of the person behind the camera are much more important than which camera they are using. Full frame allows me to manually adjust my Kelvin settings and is higher quality than some of the cropped sensor cameras. I love the D750!

One of the things I like best about the D750 is that I can shoot on 2 cards at the same time. I shoot one card RAW and the other card jpeg. I use these cards and they have always been reliable for me! Usually I use about 4-6 cards for a wedding day since I’m shooting on 2 at the same time.


I have quite an assortment of lenses that I use on wedding days! My all time favorite lens that I use most frequently is the sigma 50mm. I love the quality of the images it takes and the bokeh I get at the low aperture settings! I also use my sigma 35mm lens frequently for wide bridal party, ceremony, family formal, and reception photos. My next favorite lens is the sigma 70-200mm lens although I don’t use it very often. I only use it for close up shots during the wedding ceremony but it is so amazing for those photos! Sometimes I am standing far away from the couple and it allows me to get close, intimate shots of sweet ceremony moments without being too distracting.

Seth usually shoots with a Nikon 24-70mm lens. He’s able to get a variety of photos from different angles than I do with this lens it allows us to diversify the images we deliver to our clients!


Flash has always been the most difficult thing for me to master. It took me a long time to find a flash that I think works best. I’ve tried 3 different brands and I finally found one that I think is the most reliable! I use this flash on my camera body with this diffuser on top. Sometimes I also use the white cap diffuser or the bounce card depending on the lighting situation in the reception area.


I love having a cute bag for my camera body + lenses + other gear! I use this bag from Kelly Moore! It stores my gear safety and securely and has lots of small pockets for my business cards, snacks, and other small items. Another one of the accessories that I use when needed is a reflector! It’s great for portraits to reflect sunlight into the couples faces and make sure their skin tones look perfect. I love it especially for close-ups!

wedding day camera gear for photographers

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